Pollack fishing on Youtube with Guillaume

Pollack fishing on Youtube is still a rare subject. The French Youtuber “BAR D’ECUME” embarks on Guillaume’s boat and set sail for the Strait of Dover. The goal is to catch big Pollack off the coast of Normandy.

Pollack fishing on Youtube with the most popular French Youtuber

Leader of fishing videos in France with more than 260.000 subscribers, the Youtuber BAR D’ECUME shares diverse and qualitative contents of sport fishing with lures.

Le Youtubeur Bar D'écume, leader sur la pêche en France, embarque avec Guillaume

His favorite thematic is pike fishing. However, the history of his Youtube channel is “bass fishing” in Brittany, subject he usually deals about.

From Brittany to Normandy for a mission named giant Pollack

Constantin, the creator of the Youtube channel, embarks with Guillaume with the objective of catching big Pollacks off the coast of Normandy. His goal is to come close to a 1-meter pollack.

Mission pêche du lieu jaune en Normandie

Heading for the open sea of Dieppe, Normandy

After the bad weather and rough seas of early 2024, a calm sea appears in May. The team of the fishing Youtuber leave Brittany to reach Normandy with the hope of finding this giant Pollack.

Une mer calme se présente au mois de mai

Pollack fishing on Youtube with a fishing guide in France

As a fishing guide, Guillaume coaches the Youtuber to find the right lures and animations. The rain, the annoying wind, are bad points that disturbs the tracking of Pollack in the open sea between the French Normandy coast and England. Finally the persistence pays off and Constantin manages to fish some big Pollack of Normandy in France.

Premier lieu jaune pris par le Youtubeur Bar D'écume

Guillaume and Constantin fish together as a team to catch the giant Pollack

Once Constantin caught a Pollack, a team work starts. Guillaume also starts to fish to multiply chances of reaching a monster fish. The some big Pollack come to the top water, you can discover these specimen in this great video (link below).

La joie éclate à la sortie d'un gros lieu jaune

The video “Mission Giant Pollack” on the BAR D’ECUME’s Youtube channel.

Here is the direct link to his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rcv_bVAMmOc

Gros lieu jaune à découvrir sur la vidéo du Youtubeur Bar D'écume