Normandy and its sea fisheries

The diversity of spots and fish in Normandy, France, makes fishing delightful. Guillaume masters all sea fishing methods and teaches a range of techniques useful for targeting species present throughout the season. Normandy’s maritime facade allows for a varied program. The fishing trip is scheduled according to specific tide moments. From sunrise to sunset, you might encounter about fifteen different species in a single day—fish with varied colors and shapes.

Embark on a unique fishing adventure in Normandy, France.

Leurre souple pour la pêche du lieu jaune en Normandie
Énorme lieu jaune de Normandie
Cannes et moulinets pour pêcher au large
Pêche d'un joli turbot à Dieppe
Cannes ultra haut de gamme à bord
Bar pêché au coucher du soleil, des couleurs magnifiques
Leurres souples pour la pêche à la volée
Lieu jaune à l'épuisette
Calamar blanc pêché à la turlutte
Canne et moulinet japonais ultra-légers
Turbot montrant sa face blanche
Calamar en surface
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The variety of fishing in Normandy

Fishing techniques

Guillaume offers active fishing, solely on drift. Rod in hand, you appreciate the direct contact of bites. Here are some taught techniques:

  • Cast and retrieve with hardbaits, on topwater or shallow water
  • Fishing with soft lures
    • Straight lining (shad)
    • On the drop (slug, eel)
    • Bouncing bottom (shad, slug, eel)
    • Jigging (eel, shad)
  • Sliding tenya fishing (kabura), madaï, sliding rigs, bottom fishing
  • Dandine, jigging, slow-jigging
Fishing for a beautiful bass with a jerkbait
Fishing for a thornback ray in Normandy at Dieppe city

Field experience

shapes your day

Knowledge of the playing field

Species identification

Technical versatility

Fish species of Normandy

Throughout the day, numerous fish species from Normandy can be caught, including bass, pollock, turbot, ray, cod, bream, John Dory, mackerel, gurnard, greater weever and many more… 

Large bream and beautiful ray caught in Dieppe
Pollock is one of the most beautiful fish in Normandy

Taste Fishing in Normandy

All fishing is beautiful!

Follow your guide’s program

Discover fish and techniques

according to seasons, currents, and tides