Unique fishing experience

Heading offshore from Dieppe, only during calm seas for optimal comfort. Your fishing guide prepares a multi-species program based on currents, satellite readings, wind, and the latest field information. Guillaume sets the strategy for a day orchestrated and animated from start to finish.

Enjoy a unique fishing experience in Normandy.

Enorme bar pêché le long des falaises de la côte d'Albâtre en Normandie
Falaises de la côte d'Albâtre en Normandie
Belle pêche de raies et turbots au large de Dieppe en Normandie
Deux grands dauphins devant Dieppe
Belle pêche de bars sur la côte d'Albâtre
Même en Normandie, les grands dauphins sont là
Coucher de soleil au large de Dieppe en Normandie
Guidage de pêche de 4 personnes à bord
Deux beaux lieus jaunes au large de la Normandie par mer calme
Sortie du port de Dieppe
Joli Saint-Pierre de Normandie
Un oiseau fait une pause sur la canne au large de Dieppe
Jolie morue au large de Dieppe en Normandie
Dauphins curieux qui approchent le bateau de pêche
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Cannes pliées sur un doublé de gros bars normands

Your fishing guide in Normandy, France

Joy of sharing this wonderful location.

Days of total escape off the coast of Dieppe.

Guaranteed sensations of sporty fishing with light equipment.

Sortie du port de Dieppe pour pêcher au large

Offshore Dieppe, Unusual Normandy

Seen from the sea, Normandy reveals its hidden facets.
During your sea fishing trip with Guillaume Fourrier,
discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Alabaster Coast,
sunrises and sunsets, and, sometimes,
encounter astonishing marine mammals.

Your fishing day

Welcome at the port of Dieppe

Meeting at the boat with private access to Dieppe’s docks. Hot fresh coffee awaits. The meeting time is set according to tides and the day’s fishing activity phases.

Port of Dieppe in the early morning

Sailing off the coast

With the beautiful glow of the sunrise, head offshore from Dieppe. Breakfast in the cabin, Guillaume explains the day’s program. Keep an eye out; dolphins sometimes show up. 

Dolphins offshore in Normandy

Rare fishing spots

Guillaume takes you to his unique fishing spots selected from hundreds of practiced locations. He targets rare spots contributing to a unique fishing experience in Normandy. If fishing is challenging, numerous backup plans are in place for a successful fishing trip.

Alone with seagulls offshore in Normandy

What you need to bring

Bring warm clothes, windbreaker, cap, sunscreen, and your lunch. For fishing, come empty-handed; your guide takes care of everything. For each technique and species, 5 rod-reel setups await you with adapted leaders

Catching a big fish off the Normandy Coast in France

The fishing trip

Guillaume prepares a schedule based on the feeding activity phases of various fish species in Normandy. Fishing is the result of many hours of preparation; enjoy the outcome directly! 

Catching a big Pollack in Normandy
Carte 3D idéale pour une belle pêche en Normandie

A successful fishing day is just the tip of the iceberg!

+ Countless hours of preparation
+ Crafting lures & rigs
+ Dynamic plankton analysis
+ Satellite & weather observations
+ Following offshore currents

= The equation for successful fishing

Your souvenir photos

Guillaume has been a fishing magazine photographer for nearly 20 years. He takes care of capturing your offshore fishing moments. Upon your return, he shares the day’s photos.  

Two magnificent Normandy turbot fishes. Dieppe is one of the best spot in France for Turbot angling.

Return home

Upon your return to the port, you will leave reassured by this beautiful day at sea while Guillaume takes care of refuelling, charging batteries, cleaning the boat and fishing gear, preparing leaders for the next team, and in the evening, analyzing the day’s fishing to enrich future trips.

Return to the port of Dieppe