100% Fishing, Comfort & Safety Boat

The fishing guide‘s experience is key to the success of the fishing trip. With a boat equipped 100% for fishing, comfort, and safety, you’re ready for a magnificent fishing experience in Normandy, France.

Le bateau de pêche vu de dessus
Le walkaround permet de pêcher des 2 côtes de la cabine
Des espaces de pêche généreux sur ce bateau
J'accueille jusqu'à 4 pêcheurs pour maximiser le confort et l'efficacité
Les espaces autour de la cabine en font un vrai bateau de pêche
La capacité d'accueil du bateau de pêche est généreuse
Des espaces pour pêcher partout même à l'avant
L'espace arrière du bateau est généreux pour la pêche
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Time for Fishing

The fishing boat is a Barracuda 7 powered by a 200 hp outboard engine. The entire cabin perimeter is clear for fishing. Fish at the rear, on the sides, or at the front.

It’s a fast motor boat that allows swift travel to distant and less-fished spots offshore in Normandy. It cruises comfortably at 20 knots and has a top speed of 35 knots.

The side decks allow fishing all around the boat
The fishing boat making ripples in the water

Performance & Uncompromised Comfort

Starting the day right: espresso, cold drinks, 5 seating places

Marine toilets, wash basin, fridge

Everything is designed for the comfort of 5 people

During navigation: stabilizer and autopilots

Cutting-edge Electronics

The boat is fully equipped with top-of-the-line and high-performance gear for successful fishing trips:

  • Multifrequency CHIRP sonars from Simrad
  • Bird and schooling fish detection radar
  • Radar for navigation and low visibility monitoring
  • Touchscreen displays with latest-generation cartography
  • MotorGuide electric motor
  • Night vision camera 
  • Autopilot with remote control
  • High-seas AIS VHF and ship detectionavires
State-of-the-art electronics for fishing and safety
iPad and cutting-edge apps for fishing
iPad: Equipment relay
MotorGuide electric motor for sea fishing
MotorGuide Electric Motor
Simrad 3-in-1 Imaging Fishfinder
9 to 16-inch Simrad Displays
Fishing boat at night

At night, the camera sees like in daylight!

Enhanced 2024 Safety Plan

Geolocated automatic life jackets
8-person high-seas life raft
Night vision camera
Upgraded radar

Prevention and Safety

A swimmer for 20 years, lifeguard for 5 years, navigator for 25 years, Guillaume knows how to anticipate and manage dangers.

The boat has a cabin and high freeboard. Safety is reinforced with cutting-edge equipment: 8-person high-seas survival raft, automatic life jackets with individual geolocation beacons, satellite phone, night vision camera, searchlight, radar, AIS VHF, and floating portable VHF…

Enhanced safety on board, for example, with this night vision camera
1 programmed AIS beacon per person
In case of an accident , every second counts. Included in the jackets, this beacon sends your real-time position to boats.
Automatic life jacket yearly checked and inflated for 24 h.
Automatic & luminous life jackets
Watertightness is verified by periodic checks: the jackets are inflated for 24 hours. Night navigation with searchlight on
Navigation de nuit avec projecteur de recherche allumé
During night navigation, the searchlight ensures increased visibility.
2024 Boat Battery Park
2024 Boat Battery Park 
For the launch of the guidance, a set of new batteries: 3x12V and 1x36V Lithium. 
Comfort on board the fishing boat

Calm Sea – Coffee on Board – Comfort

Guillaume only approves outings in calm seas

Calm seas enhance your comfort and fishing experience

It allows for having a coffee during navigation