From the passion for big fish to fishing records

Guillaume Fourrier has always been passionate about fishing for large fish. With patience and methodology, he tirelessly seeks ways to catch the biggest specimens. Over the years, he gained attention from local press and national specialized magazines, eventually breaking 28 official records in France, Europe, and the world.

A true champion in fishing for big fish!

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3 cannes pliées sur de gros lieus au large des côtes Normandes

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His Favorite Fishing Records

9.8 kg Record French Pollack

In 2009, Guillaume fishes off the coast of La Rochelle. He hooks a heavy fish that takes over 10 meters of line. This fish is a huge offshore pollack. The battle takes place in increasing swells. Back on land, the fish weighs 9.8 kg at the fishing store’s weigh-in, setting a new record in France.

9.8 kg French record pollack in sea fishing

Large Cod Records in France and Europe

In 2011, Guillaume hosts an open day at a fishing store. As a designer of soft lures, he sells his latest creations for cod fishing. The next day, he puts theory into practice, demonstrating remarkable success. He catches 4 French cod records and 1 European record in a single day!

Catch of a record French and European cod in 2011

8.630 kg World Record Sea Bass

While targeting large sea bass among the rocks during late 2014, Guillaume feels the record is within reach. This incredible fish surpasses his expectations. He catches an 8.630 kg world-record sea bass and shares the story of this incredible catch.

Catch of a 8.630 kg world-record sea bass

4.825 kg French Record Thornback Ray

To find big rays upon arriving in Normandy, Guillaume thoroughly scours the fishing area from the Alabaster Coast to offshore. After increasingly fruitful searches, he hooks a French record thornback ray. With this 4.825 kg ray, he becomes the French champion in this type of fishing.

Catch of the French record thornback ray in any category

1-meter Long Big Pollack

In January 2020, Guillaume and his childhood friend Loïc set themselves a challenge: to find enormous pollacks between Dunkirk and Le Havre. Research, analysis, preparation, and they tackle the mission in 2 fishing sessions. As a result, they land two enormous pollacks measuring 96 cm and 1 meter in length.

Enormous 1-meter-long pollack
Sea bass fishing on the Alabaster Coast in Normandy

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