Guillaume Fourrier is a sea enthusiast. Born in Boulogne-sur-Mer in Northwest France, his childhood was filled with swimming, bodyboarding, fishing, and sea rescue. Today, he is a fishing guide in Dieppe, Normandy, still in Northwest France.

A comprehensive fishing experience

He began fishing at the age of 13 and acquired his first small boat at 18 after his first season as a lifeguard. At 20, with a coastal skipper license, he set sail with a friend who owned a larger boat. He fished in the Pas de Calais Strait, the most frequented maritime area globally and known for its navigational dangers. Guillaume gained significant experience. At 25, he left his hometown and explored fishing from Belgium to the Basque coast and the Mediterranean, including Corsica. He undertook numerous fishing trips, even reaching the opposite side of France in New Caledonia.

His home port in Dieppe, Normandy

After four years of developing fishing equipment, Guillaume moved to Normandy to handle marketing for Daiwa, a fishing equipment manufacturer. He settled in Dieppe in 2011. He fished everywhere and methodically explored the Alabaster Coast to find the biggest fish. Quickly, he set new records with very large bass caught among rocks and wrecks. He dropped anchor there with his small family. In 2020, he made a professional shift to become a sea fishing guide in Dieppe. After two years of preparation, training, analyzing the area, and intensive fishing, Guillaume launched his fishing guide business at the end of 2023, with his boat located in the port of Dieppe.

Time line : from passion to fishing professions


Competitive swimmer during childhood
5000m swimming certificate

Guillaume has been swimming since a young age in a club. He started competing in Boulogne-sur-Mer at the age of 9.

Beginnings in sea fishing
First sea fishing experience

First fishing attempts on a rocky outcrop in Boulogne-sur-Mer, catching sandeels as initial catches. Quickly, Guillaume explored various techniques: bait fishing, surfcasting, lure fishing… No one in his family fished; no one could have guessed that this hobby would become such a passion.

Creation of a fishing website
Guillaume's first website about bass fishing

Not finding anything about sea fishing on the internet, Guillaume, a complete novice in web development, learned on his own and created his website during the April 1998 holidays. In two weeks, he worked day and night to launch his project. Welcoming the first visitors laid the foundations of his teaching spirit.

Sea rescuer for 5 years
Guillaume Fourrier, sea rescuer involved in helicopter rescue in 2000

From 1999 to 2003, Guillaume was a sea rescuer from Nord-Pas-de-Calais to Corsica during the summer. He gained insight into currents and tidal currents, as well as in sea prevention and safety. He became the deputy head of the post in 2003. new website & association
Guillaume created his website to advise sea anglers

After 5 years of managing his website, meeting and exchanging with early internet users, Guillaume turned his studies towards computer development. He learned, self-taught, web programming to meet his users’ expectations. The association was born.

52-minute documentary on bass fishing
Documentary on lure fishing for bass from shore

Guillaume made a 52-minute documentary sharing his knowledge on lure fishing for bass from the shore.

Writer for “Loup & Bar” magazine
Writer for "Loup & Bar" magazine

A sea fishing magazine dedicated to bass fishing sought Guillaume’s expertise in lure and bait fishing for bass. Guillaume appeared twice on the cover within the first 4 issues.

Writer for “Pêche en Mer” magazine
Writer for "Pêche en Mer" magazine

Recognized for the quality of his early articles, Guillaume joined the “Pêche en Mer” magazine. He had been reading this magazine since childhood, which was a genuine source of pride for him. He quickly made it to the cover; these two examples from 2006 were the beginning of a long series since he is still a columnist for the leading magazine today.

Developer of fishing rods and lures
Lure animation at international fishing shows

In 2007, Guillaume was approached by the company Sert to develop rods, lures, and accessories for the Sakura brand. He became the Product Manager and Team Manager. He handled field communication and developed the first lures under this brand, including the Magic Eel with which he caught numerous large fish.

Video documentary “Hunting for big bass”
Video "Hunting for big bass"

Guillaume was invited to explain how he regularly catches big bass from the shore. In this video, he catches a specimen weighing 7.4 kg.

His first French record
9.8 kg pollack, French record

Guillaume caught a 9.8 kg pollack, certified as a French record.

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Author of his first book
Book "Lure Fishing" with Ange Porteux's preface

Guillaume co-wrote his first book on lure fishing at sea and in freshwater, with a preface by Ange Porteux.

Fishing with footballer Jean-Pierre PAPIN
Guillaume went fishing with footballer Jean-Pierre PAPIN

Both born in Boulogne-sur-Mer, Guillaume became a fisherman while JPP became a footballer. A beautiful fishing experience at sunset with the former football star Jean-Pierre PAPIN, who incidentally was a very good angler.

Wikipedia publishes his profile

Wikipedia publishes an exhaustive profile of Guillaume. An English version exists today.

Author of the book “All Boat Fishing”
Book "All Boat Fishing" by Guillaume Fourrier

Guillaume wrote his 2nd book “All Boat Fishing”.
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4 French & European cod records
Capture of a French and European record cod in 2011 by Guillaume, fishing guide in Dieppe

An exceptional day with the capture of 4 French and European record cod.
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Marketing & Communication Director at Daiwa
Guillaume Fourrier becomes the marketing and communication director of Daiwa France

Approached by Daiwa for the second time, Guillaume seized this new opportunity. At 29, he took charge of communication and brand image for the manufacturer Daiwa. In 9 years, the company doubled its turnover.

Author of the book “Shore Fishing”
Book "Shore Fishing"

Guillaume addressed shore anglers with his book “Shore Fishing”.

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6.310 kg bass, fine line world record
Capture of a 6.310 kg bass, world record on a fine line

Capture of a 6.310 kg bass, a world record on a 20lb line

Large format book, preface by Michel Desjoyeaux
Book "Le Vagnon de la Pêche en Mer" with a preface by Michel Desjoyeaux

The publisher VAGNON proposed a compilation of the first 5 books in a large format. Guillaume accepted and enriched the content to extend it to 368 pages. This book was prefaced by Michel Desjoyeaux and became part of the library on his catamaran.

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8.630 kg bass, world record
8.630 kg world record sea bass

Guillaume caught his largest bass, a fish weighing 8.630 kg certified as a world record.
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7.070 kg bass, European record
Guillaume and his 7.070 kg bass, European record

Another magnificent bass weighing 7.070 kg, a European record on a 20lb line

Book “50 Easy Fishing Techniques”, preface by Pierre Perret
Book "50 Easy Fishing Techniques" with a preface by Pierre Perret

Guillaume wrote a new book, “50 Easy Fishing Techniques in the Atlantic,” in an original spiral-bound format, with a preface by Pierre Perret.
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Author of the book “Shore Sea Fishing”
Author of the book "Shore Sea Fishing"

Guillaume addressed sea anglers from the shore with his book “Shore Sea Fishing”

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Best-seller: “Easy Shore Fishing”
Book "Easy Shore Fishing"

This book is very practical: 40 species and 40 clear setups for fishing each fish well. A small format, a small price, and clear information, Guillaume’s book “Easy Shore Fishing” became a best-seller, notably the best-selling book on Amazon in its category.

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Fishing on Michel Desjoyeaux’s catamaran
Fishing on Michel Desjoyeaux's boat

Michel Desjoyeaux invited Guillaume on his new catamaran, christening it with its first scales. © Photo: Jean-Christophe MARMARA (Le Figaro)

Signed books given to Thomas Pesquet
Guillaume Fourrier's fishing books given to Thomas Pesquet

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet visited his hometown of Dieppe 3 months after his return from space. Guillaume handed him his last two signed books. © Photo: Jean-Claude Parraud

France record with a thornback ray
Capture of a thornback ray, French record by Guillaume, fishing guide in Dieppe

In preparation for his fishing guide business in Dieppe, Guillaume meticulously searched for large rays. In early 2018, the Federation validated his new French record: a 4.825 kg thornback ray.

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Interview on and on the front page of the newspaper
Interview with Guillaume Fourrier in Les Informations Dieppoises, a local Dieppe newspaper

A full-page interview on the back of Les Informations Dieppoises, the bi-weekly newspaper of Dieppe and Seine-Maritime (76). The interview was also featured on
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France 3 interview with Guillaume on bass fishing
France 3 interview with Guillaume on bass fishing

Guillaume took the France 3 Normandie team on board to promote recreational bass fishing.

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Guillaume embarks the singers LEJ fishing
The singers LEJ go fishing in Dieppe with Guillaume Fourrier

During their tour, singers Juliette, Lucie, and Élisa from the group LEJ took a fishing break with Guillaume. An initiation to bream fishing in Dieppe to recharge their batteries.

Record: 1-meter pollack
Huge 1-meter-long pollack

In preparation for his fishing charter and guide business in Dieppe, Guillaume set himself a challenge: to find huge pollack in the English Channel, no matter how many nautical miles he had to cover. He caught a specimen measuring 1 meter. A good sign for your future outings with Guillaume, fishing guide in Dieppe.

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Guillaume participates in the “Capital” show on M6
Guillaume fishing at sea in Dieppe on "Capital" on M6

From 2012 to 2021, Guillaume traveled 140 km – 3 hours – each day to go to work while living by the sea. The show “Capital” on M6 discusses this lifestyle choice and films his daily journey from the city to the sea.

Author of “Easy Bass Fishing”
Book "Easy Bass Fishing" by Guillaume Fourrier

A seemingly difficult fishing experience explained with maximum pedagogy led to the book “Easy Bass Fishing.” It explains all the techniques for fishing bass.
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Filming on Seasons about bass fishing
Video documentary "The true nature of bass"

Guillaume was invited to participate in the filming of the documentary “The true nature of bass,” aired on the Seasons channel.

Author of “Smart Fishing!”
Book "Smart Fishing! 150 tips for successful fishing"

Inexhaustible, Guillaume still finds new ideas, as demonstrated by his book “Smart Fishing! 150 tips for successful fishing.”
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110 nautical miles Channel crossing
International sea fishing competition Sea Angling Classic

Guillaume crossed 110 nautical miles with his boat to participate in the first international sea fishing competition, the Sea Angling Classic, where he stood out by catching the most bass in the competition.

Guillaume in a comic book
Guillaume Fourrier in a comic book

Guillaume appears in the comic book of the famous Granny of Dieppe: Polète against Arsouille Rupin by the cartoonist Nicolas STERIN. While Guillaume fishes in front of the white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast, he saves the Granny of Dieppe from drowning using his fishing rod.

Grand Pavois Fishing competition
4th place at Grand Pavois Fishing

Guillaume participates every year in the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle, an international in-water boat show, and its fishing competition where he finished 4th that year.

Author of “Easy Freshwater Fishing”
Book "Easy Freshwater Fishing. 25 fish and 50 techniques"

Guillaume steps out of his comfort zone by writing a book focused solely on freshwater fishing. Carp, trout, pike, Zander perch, you’ll find 25 freshwater fish species and the best techniques to guide fishermen in their quest for these beautiful fish.

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Filming on Seasons about stingray fishing
Video filming for Seasons

The specialized channel, Seasons, calls upon Guillaume for its reportage on flatfish fishing.

Guillaume’s interview in Paris-Normandie
Interview with Guillaume, new premium fishing guide in Dieppe

Paris-Normandie contacts Guillaume for an interview. A few minutes before it, Guillaume decides to announce his professional shift towards a high-end fishing guide activity in Dieppe, at the heart of beautiful Normandy.
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Interview with Guillaume, fishing guide in Dieppe
Interview with Guillaume Fourrier about the fishing guide activity in Dieppe, Normandy

Interview with Guillaume Fourrier about his new fishing guide and charter activity in France (Dieppe, Normandy).
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Scientific mission in Spain
Scientific mission for tagging bluefin tuna in Spain

Guillaume is commissioned to participate in the Scientific Angler Tagging Tour mission in Barcelona and then Santa Pola to tag bluefin tuna to enhance knowledge about the species.

Shore fishing initiation with autistic children in Normandy
Shore fishing on the Alabaster Coast in Dieppe with autistic children

Guillaume introduces the Normandy coastline to a class of children with autism spectrum disorder. Later, an aquarium was set up in their classroom in Dieppe to spark their curiosity and establish a thematic course centered around the sea.

Interview from the shore on France 3 French TV
France 3's fishing segment on the Normandy coast in France

Guillaume is approached by the show “Météo à la carte” on France 3 national French TV. He participates in shore fishing in Normandy, France, for the report “The Albâtre Coast, a wonder of nature”.
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Guillaume’s portrait on France 3 French TV
Guillaume Fourrier's portrait on France 3 national TV

France 3 national TV creates a portrait of Guillaume Fourrier for its nationally broadcasted show “Météo à la carte.” The highly laudatory report is titled “Guillaume, the living legend of sport fishing!”
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Bass caught with soft lures

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