Portrait of Guillaume Fourrier on France 3

France 3 creates a 6-minute portrait at the time of Guillaume’s announcement of a life change to become a fishing guide instructor in Dieppe.

As Guillaume announces his professional shift, France 3 contacts him to participate in the national broadcast show “Météo à la Carte.”

A rough sea prevents going fishing

However, on the day of the interview, the sea is rough, with the wind reaching West-Northwest at 25 knots. These conditions prevent accessing the coastal rocks. Guillaume attempts a few casts along the Dieppe dyke but decides to turn back. Safety is crucial, and unlike professional fishermen, he isn’t required to take risks to pursue his hobby and livelihood.

Visit to the local fishing store in Dieppe

Following this, there’s a stroll around the heights of Dieppe and a visit to the local fishing store, Pascal Pêche, to explore their wide array of lures designed for bass fishing.