TV report with Guillaume

As part of its new program that extends the midday news, M6 French TV proposes Guillaume to join him at sea. An opportunity to highlight his activity as a sea fishing guide departing from Dieppe.

A much-awaited reportage due to the bad weather

This reportage has been postponed several times due to the bad weather at the beginning of 2024. Until the day when schedules and weather perfectly aligned to set sail off the Alabaster Coast in Normandy, France. Didier and Damien, the customers of the day, are motivated to go fishing sea bass in the early morning.

Catching a nice bass with soft lure at sunrise

The sun rises over the cliffs, and during the first drift, Damien hooks his first bass ever caught. A nice 60 cm long fish. Then, Guillaume suggests a diversified fishing session to track numerous species. At the end of the day, meet a shoal of bass to the delight of the guests of the day.